Q    Are all properties self-contained?
A    Almost always, yes. Where facilities are shared we will say so; otherwise you will have sole use of the property.

Q    What is it like inside?
A    Our property descriptions summarise how a property is set out to give you an idea of what  it is like. Properties are sensibly equipped for the number of guests they accommodate. Our star ratings are a guide to our opinion of the overall quality of furnishings, décor and ambience.

Q    What about the gardens or surrounding area?
A    Any gardens or surrounding areas are described in the general property descriptions. If we do not say there is a garden, there will not be one. If we describe a garden as enclosed, this means there is a barrier around it, whether by fence, hedge or other form, but please note that this does not mean that we consider that it, or any garden, is secure, safe for children to play in unattended or to leave dogs or other animals in without them escaping.

Q    I don’t understand the description.
A     If you find anything in our descriptions which you don’t understand, please phone or email us and we will help.

Q    Quality – star ratings?
A    We star rate all the properties in our brochure from 1 to 5. The star rating is a guide to the quality and ambience of the property relative to others in the brochure. If you have any queries please call us and speak to one of our team who will be happy to help you.

Q    Are there any extra charges?
A    Our property details set out whether gas, electric, linen or towels are included as this varies from property to property. If you are unsure about what is included in the price, please enquire at the time of booking.

Q    Do you send reminders for balances?
A    Yes, we do send email and text balance reminders in the lead up to the balance due date to the email and mobile number registered against the booking.

Q    Are bed linen and towels provided?
A    Whether bed linen and towels are provided depends on the individual property, so please check the property descriptions carefully or ask us at the time of booking. Cot bedding is not provided even when other linen is. Please note:  If the property description states that bed linen is included, then the beds will be made up ready for your arrival.  If you are hiring linen the beds will NOT be made up. However beds can be made up for a charge of £3.00 per bed.

Q    What about phones?
A    If a property has a phone it will be mentioned in the description. Many properties have phones for incoming or calls to the emergency services only. Mobile coverage is very variable in Devon and we cannot therefore comment as to whether you will be able to gain reception.

Q    How do we know how to get to the property?
A    We will send you detailed instructions as to how to find the property and where to collect the keys before you arrive.

Q    Who do we contact before we arrive?
A    Contact details will be printed on your booking confirmation and on your directions to the property.

Q    When can we arrive at the property we have booked?
A    Properties are generally available from 3 p.m. on the first day of your holiday and you need to vacate the property by 10 a.m. on your departure day. If a property has different change over times to these we will state this in the property description

Q    Can I bring my pet?
A    Many properties will accept pets and these are detailed in the property description. We do make an additional charge for pets to cover the extra cleaning costs involved. We need to know how many dogs you wish to bring and, if it is more than one, we will need to check with the owners first. Pets are not allowed on the furniture or in the bedrooms. We ask you not to allow your pets to use gardens as toilet areas unless you clean up scrupulously. Please always keep pets under control; regrettably those who chase livestock risk being shot by farmers and even when we describe a garden as enclosed, it does not mean that your dog cannot escape from it. At no time must pets be left unattended in the property.
Please note:  The pet fee is per pet per week OR per short break.

Q    Can we invite our friends over?
A    Yes, provided that the number of guests sleeping at the property at any one time does not exceed the number for which the property is advertised. You can invite friends for a meal but they cannot stay the night unless they are named on your booking form.  Nor can they stay around the corner and use the facilities of your booked property as if they were staying there. You cannot throw a party at the property without making special arrangements with us and the owner. We must know who will be at the property and for which dates.

Q    Do we need to clean the property before we leave?
A    Yes please. We arrange for all properties to be cleaned between guests but please leave your property clean otherwise our cleaners will have difficulties in ensuring that it is clean and ready for the next guests. We do make an extra charge if the property requires additional cleaning.

Q    What if we are not happy?
A  If you have a problem with your property please contact us at once so that we can rectify matters. Outside normal office hours, if you have an emergency, please follow the instructions given on the recorded message on our office line or contact one of the emergency tradesmen listed in your property. If you have difficulties please do not suffer in silence or wait until you get home to contact us; if we do not know you have a problem we cannot put it right!

Q    Is there anything else we should know or be prepared for?
A    Food shopping. We ask you to support local shops and, where possible, buy locally produced food as this supports the local community.  However, many supermarkets do provide delivery services to rural areas which can be of assistance on the day you arrive.

Walking and footpaths: Many areas in the West Country are not accessible by car but can be reached by public footpaths. Do bring suitable walking shoes or your wellies and use public footpaths. If you want to walk to your local pub please remember that street lighting can be limited and bring your torch!

Roads in Devon:  Apart from the main roads, roads are often narrow.  Please take care, drive at appropriate speeds and be prepared and willing to reverse to a safe passing point if  you meet oncoming traffic. Country roads may not be lit, often have hedges or banks and may be muddy in wet weather.

Country sounds: Please be prepared for the sounds of the countryside; cows moo, cockerels crow, dogs bark, seagulls screech and you can normally hear the dawn chorus.

Old houses/cottages: Some of our properties are closer to nature than many modern town houses.  As a result they may have resident spiders, daddy long-legs and other non harmful insects which, although removed by our cleaners on change-over day, will often return to their preferred habitat. Additionally, if the weather is wet or humid and the heating has not been on (which is often the case in spring or summer), slight signs of damp may appear. This is not serious or dangerous but we suggest that babies or elderly people should avoid these properties. The problem is quickly cured by putting on the heating and leaving a few windows open to avoid condensation.

We hope that this covers the majority of queries which may arise but if you do have any other questions  please do not hesitate to ask us and we will do our best to help.